Reference and Resources 

Organizations Specializing in Aging:

National Institute on Aging - Government site with information on research and practical resources for the aging population.

Aging in Place - A resource hub for seniors and their families to learn more about the specific aspects of aging in place.

National Council on Aging - The National Council on Aging was founded in 1950 as the first charitable organization in the U.S. that would provide a national voice for older Americans and act as their advocates in dealing with service providers and policymakers.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Provides easy access to CDC data on key indicators of health and well-being, screenings and vaccinations and mental health among older adults. Included is FastStats, an index for quick and easy access to 

  • Selected statistics on a variety of health topics.
  • The latest data in reports, databases, and other resources.
  • Additional data and tools.

Medicare & Medicaid Services - Federal agency that oversees Medicare and Medicaid. 

Administration for Community Living - advocates for people to make choices and control the decisions in and about their lives. This right to self-determination includes decisions about their homes and work, as well as all the other daily choices most adults make without a second thought.

The Gerontological Society of America - This expansive list of organizations includes governmental agencies, non-profits, policy institutes, and research centers dedicated to aging. 

AARP - The American Association of Retired Persons is the nation's leading organization for people age 50 and older. 

Assisted Living Foundation (ALA) - is a Texas Nonprofit corporation, strives to develop high-quality, service and amenity-enriched affordable housing for low-income families and individuals. Based in Southern California, ALFA currently owns and operates 8 low‐income housing projects nationally, totaling almost 1,100 units. Search for assisted living communities by location. See published guide from ALA for choosing a facility. See 2013 Survey of Assisted Living Residents published by ALA with Methodology report. 

Able Data - An assistive technology database for products, solutions and resources to improve productivity and ease life’s tasks.

Senior Driving - Helping seniors drive safer and longer - from  Automobile Association of America.

Meals on Wheels - The Meals On Wheels Association of America is the oldest and largest membership organization supporting the national network of more than 5,000 Senior Nutrition Programs that operate in all 50 states and U.S. territories. 

Your Health:

Calcium for Strong Teeth and Bones - A calcium and vitamin D resource directory provided by Dental One Associates. Good to know information on these body requirements.  

Memory Care - The site offers resources "to guide caregivers and seniors in the early stages of memory impairment through the process of finding and obtaining the care they need" including state facilities.

Mesothelioma - Information on Mesothelioma, medical and legal resources.

Nursing Home Abuse - Information and resources on abuse within nursing homes. 

Nursing Home Abuse Ombudsman - Nursing Home Abuse Justice was founded to expose widespread abuse where it occurs in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 6 adults aged 60 or older suffer some type of abuse in community settings. Family members and those with concerns for individuals that reside in nursing homes or assisted living facilities can contact the nursing ombudsman at the facility. The ombudsman works to resolve problems related to the health, safety, welfare, and rights of residents. 

Fall prevention and information - Fall prevention: FACTS & TIPS FOR PREVENTING FALLS from CNA Free Training/PB International. PB International is a US-based entertainment and education company which provides free online tests in a variety of subject areas including intelligence tests, entrance exams, personality tests, placement tests, state-mandated tests, and others.  

Your Finances:

Social Security Administration - Retirement Planner.

Social Security CalculatorRecently, a Social Security resource was created, that visually breaks down the steps within the application process. Within the resource, viewers can use an estimate of the benefit they may receive, as well as learn about budgeting tips while they are waiting for a decision.

All Age Retirement Guide - Articles and financial planning tools leading up to retirement and beyond.

Credit Critics - a finance planning guide. 

Your Wishes:

ElderCare Locator - a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging connecting you to services for older adults and their families.

Patients Rights Council - Information on Protective Medical Decisions Document, Advanced Directive, Health Care Reform. 

National Healthcare Decisions Day - An initiative to encourage patients to express their wishes regarding healthcare and for providers and facilities to respect those wishes, whatever they may be. List of resources on advanced directives documents.


Census 2020 - Census data and reports.

Seniors and Driving - Safety tips for senior drivers. Considerations are listed with information resources.

Callersmart - Senior citizens resources on money, housing, health and more.

Drugwatch - Reports on the latest information regarding dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. Patient advocate services. 

Create the Good - Volunteering opportunities. 

Consumer Justice Foundation (CJF) - provides educational resources for consumers that were injured, wronged or feel big business is pushing them around. CJF provides information on commonly prescribed drugs and their side effects. The Consumer Justice Foundation is not a law firm and it is not run by lawyers or attorneys nor is it a website funded by a large corporation. 

Paying for senior care: "Older Americans are one of the rapidly-growing demographics in the country. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 16.5% of the population are seniors. As this figure increases, so will the need for appropriate housing. Comfort and security in their living environment are vital to thriving. Aging adults and their loved ones need to understand the different options available to decide which kind best fits their needs," said Senior Care Advocate Samantha Carter. The site helps the elderly and their families fully understand the cost of long-term care and the programs that can provide financial support. Visit the site for its database of tools, references, and articles that cover topics like available care options and resources for senior residents of your community. For more information and to review the site click here: